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If there is one thing I am sure of after having this blog for almost 2 years, is that it seems that a lot of girls struggle with confidence. While I occasionally have days where I just look in the mirror and think holy shit did I chug a bottle of Jameson before bed because I look hungover and cracked out and fucked uppppppppppp, I am overall a very confident person.  These are essentially the three things that made me that way
1. Don’t talk bad about yourself. If all I did was sit here and talk about the fact that I have a crooked chin and wide hips, guess what? People are going to sit there and notice my crooked chin and wide hips. My flaws are there and I give zero fucks because they are what make up me. Literally nobody pays as much attention to your flaws as you do, unless they are what you talk about. Don’t, under any circumstance, criticize how you look or what you do around other people. It gives them permission to do it too. In fact, don’t criticize yourself when you are alone either. You are pretty fucking cool and I think you should go out and be cool and not focus on the bad things. Everyone has bad things. Tell yourself all the things you think you are good at and showoff those physical features you like (I don’t care if it’s your eyes or your tits) and you will just be oozing confidence and it will show!
2. Don’t talk bad about others. I think there is no bigger tell that someone is insecure than when they push their insecurities on other people. Insulting others or making fun of them shows that you just lack confidence in yourself. Complimenting others (genuinely) and making other people feel good about themselves will, in turn, make you feel way better about YOU. Plus who doesn’t love a person who is just friendly and nice and fun to be around? You can be that person. You go Glen Coco.
3. Fake it till you make it. If you feel like the above two steps don’t work for you, fake it till you make it. I read this article in Cosmo once (Legally Blonde has taught us that this is the bible) that said that if you start faking an orgasm when you are close, it can trigger senses in your brain and you can actually have one. I like to think the same goes for confidence. You channel your inner Beyonce and walk around town like the bad bitch you are and own that street and own your self and be happy and wave and bend and snap and girl… that confidence will flock to you like a group of seagulls heading for a plate of french fries.



  • Periods aren’t a big deal for some people
  • Periods are extremely disabling for some people
  • Pain is subjective and it’s different for everyone
  • Stop arguing about this

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every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

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"You plagiarized a sentence in an essay? Expelled & we’ll make it hard for you to enroll into another school ever again."

"You raped and assaulted a student on campus? You can come back to school."

fuck the education system

I will never NOT reblog this.

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i’m fluent in talking shit

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I feel so empty and Harry Styles is the only person who can fill me up

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Churros with Chocolate Sauce
Resolutely train yourself to attain peace.
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